Democratic Alliance to march in support of Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba

JOHANNESBURG – The DA is expected to march to the Johannesburg City Council on Thursday morning as Mayor Herman Mashaba and Speaker Vasco da Gama are set to face a motion of no confidence.

The ANC was pushing for the motion to be heard on Wednesday, with claims that the city is on the brink of a financial collapse under Mashaba’s leadership.

The leader of the Democratic Alliance, Mmusi Maimane is expected to lead the march in Johannesburg in support of the coalition government led by Mashaba.

The ANC failed on Wednesday to get the motion on the agenda, with the council meeting dealing with other municipal issues first. Mashaba, however, says he is not fazed by today’s motion against him.

“I was elected by 52% of council to be the Executive Mayor of the City of Johannesburg.” Mashaba said.

While the African National Congress claims the city has been mismanaged under Mashaba, the Johannesburg mayor says he has been inundated with cased of corruption since taking office.

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