Durban- The woman at the centre of a battle with insurance giant Momentum, Denise Ganas said she is overwhelmed by the support received from South Africans which has led to her victory.

Momentum succumbed to the pressure and agreed to pay R2.4 million to Ganas after her husband was killed in a hijacking in a hail of bullets while protecting her.

The insurance giant previously denied to pay out the life claim, saying Nathan had failed to disclose that he has high blood sugar levels. Denise she was in absolute shock when she got a call informing her that Momentum would pay out the claim.

She said, “Upon going through my phone I saw a message from a guy from Momentum that he tried to contact me. I was so overwhelmed, I was so emotional. I think I’m still in shock.”

She hopes that this will be an example to other families who would not have fought for what is right.

“They need to go through their policy, they need to speak to their broker and they need to ask questions.”

Photo credit- Kfm

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