Despite another setback, Zoleka Mandela remains hopeful: ‘I’m incredibly grateful that I am still treatable!

Zoleka Mandela.

Zoleka Mandela is keeping the faith, even after suffering another setback in her battle with cancer.

The activist and author recently took to Instagram to share with her followers that she had a CT scan a few weeks back after she started experiencing chest pains.

“I had a CT Scan administered a few weeks back, which have shown that I have blood clots as well as fibrosis in my lung,” wrote Mandela.

“My medical oncologist has recommended blood thinners and oral chemo,” she continued.

Always one to look at the glass half full, the granddaughter of the late Nelson and Winnie Mandela added, “On the upside, I’m incredibly grateful that I am still treatable!”

Mandela even took the time to make fun of her appearance, the result of treatment and medication, and joked she looked like “the Oros Lady.”

In May this year, she shared the news of reaching her 10th and final radiation treatment, a notable milestone moment.

This has been an arduous journey for the mother of four.

In 2012, Mandela was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the years that followed, she received two additional cancer diagnoses, and in 2022 she shared with her followers that the cancer had returned and had spread to her bones.

Mandela suffered another setback earlier this year when she announced she had another tumour on her brain.

“On Saturday morning, I collapsed at home due to another tumour found in my brain,” she shared.

“Things are not looking good for me at all and it’s important for to continue to be honest about my journey as I vowed I would for the betterment of the cancer community.”

Via her Instagram series, “Dear Diary, #TerminallyFree,” she has given voice to the cancer community, sharing the ups and downs of her journey with brutal honesty while inspiring others.

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