Diane Rwigara: Rwanda government critic acquitted

Kigali- A Rwandan court in the capital, Kigali, has acquitted government critic Diane Rwigara and her mother of charges of inciting insurrection and forgery.

Rwigara has been imprisoned for over a year, after she was blocked from running in presidential elections against the long-standing incumbent Paul Kagame.

Rwigara, 37, opposition leader was facing 22 years in prison, for charges she said were politically motivated.

A three-judge panel agreed with her, and told a full court that the charges were  “baseless”.

Amnesty International welcomed the result, however said Rwigara and her mother “should never have faced charges for expressing their views”.

Since her arrest her family have been subjected to interrogations and their family assets forcibly auctioned.

“I am very happy with the verdict,” said Rwigara, who has been out on bail since October. “I am continuing with my political journey… because there’s still a lot that needs to be done in our country.”

Rwigara is a businesswomen and during her court appearance she maintained that the economy was mainly controlled by the governing party’s elite.

“Everything I talked about in the past has not been resolved. There are still many political prisoners in the country,” she told journalists after the high court ruling.

Photo credit- BBC.com

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