DiscoverIkasi impacts positively to township tourism

Cape Town – When a person wanted to visit and experience Khayelitsha sparked an idea which was later turned into a business, DiscoverIkasi, this business helps local and international tourists to accommodation and tours.

Ntsebenziswano November who is the co-founder of DicoverIkasi said this idea came when a friend wanted to tour the area but couldn’t find any listings of areas to visit on the internet.

They used facebook to try and find listings but their facebook searches led to google and the information that they found there was outdated and the pictures were not very clear.

November and his friends started the DiscoverIkasi business to tourists and local people who want to visit townships within South Africa be able to book accommodations and tours.

“We are not selling entities, but experiences. You can find anything from a five-star B&B to a coffee shop.You no longer have to travel to town to get a coffee shop,” said November.

November also went on to say that, “We don’t want to call ourselves a township; we are a community and we are trying to sell our communities.

This month we are starting weekly tours around Khayelitsha and these tours will generate income for the businesses which are listed on the Discover Ikasi website. We plan to extend these to other areas, including the CBD as well as canoeing in Khayelitsha.”

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