Displaced Syrians find relief in tent during World cup screenings

Displaced Syrians watch World Cup soccer match in Ain Issa camp in Raqqa province on June 17, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / Delil SOULEIMAN

RAQQA- Syrians have suffered years of civil war since 2011, with continuous bombs being dropped, civilians being slaughtered by suspected chemical attacks but the people have received some type of relief, that of screening of World Cup games on a side of a tent.

Ain Issa camp is in the displaced northern Syria, boys to men full the tent to watch the games through a projector to watch some of the best player in the world.

During the tournament a local charity is providing the screening all the games for free.

Football fan Abdallah Fadil al-Ubayd said, “Showing the World Cup at the camp is such a beautiful initiative because it draws people out of their torment,”

“Everybody loves football,” continued the 38-year-old, dressed in a red sports T-shirt to watch Mexico play Germany on Sunday. During the game when Mexico scored many cheered and celebrated the surprising win over World Cup defending champions Germany. Ubayd added that he played football for his local team in Maskana in the north of Aleppo before the area was over taken by jihadist four years ago.

Referring to IS the jihadist group,¬† al-Ubayd added, “Daesh would come to the matches, confiscate our ID cards and throw the athletes in jail,” he said, referring to the Islamic State jihadist group.

In 2014 separate forces managed to remove IS in major areas in Northern Aleppo, he said, “Thank God we got rid of them and we can watch games again,” said Ubayd, whose hometown was retaken by Syrian regime forces in June last year.

Photo Credit- Abdallah Fadil al-Ubayd said.

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