Doctor must apologize publicly for separating patients by race

JOHANNESBURG- The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has instructed a Limpopo doctor who separated patients according to their race to make a public apology‚ do community service and participate in anti-racism advocacy workshops.

SAHRC has concluded their investigation, after they received a complaint from Dr Jimmy van den Berg‚ a general practitioner in Mokopane.

The commission had receive multiple complaints that Dr Van Van den Berg segregated patients into different waiting areas‚ consultation rooms‚ and reception areas.

“It was further alleged that staff had segregated toilets and kitchens and could not use the same kitchen utensils. The complainants told the SAHRC that black patients were billed more than white patients for the same medical services. The Commission conducted several inspections at the medical rooms and confirmed that patients and staff were being segregated on the basis of race‚” the commission said.

“Dr Van den Berg is to provide the commission with a written undertaking to immediately desist from segregating patients and staff according to race and to refrain from any similar actions‚ words or attitudes‚ which violate Chapter 2 of the Constitution in the future‚” the SAHRC said.

Van Berg has signed a conciliation agreement on this case, and it should be signed on Friday.

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