Doctors confirm Pele’s out of hospital, but undergoing chemotherapy

Brazilian football legend Pele was released from a month-long hospital stay on Thursday following his surgery for a colon tumour, but will continue undergoing chemotherapy, his medical team said.

80-year-old Pele had been receiving treatment at Albert Einstern Hospital in Sao Paulo since August 31, after a suspected tumour was detected during routine tests.

Pele, who underwent surgery on September 4, is in “stable” condition, doctors said.

Even though the hospital did not use the word “cancer” in its statement, the treatment is typically used in cancer patients. The results of his biopsy were not made public.

“I am so happy to be back at home,” said Pele in a statement on Facebook.

“I want to thank the entire Albert Einstein Hospital team, who made my stay a pleasant one, with a humane and very affectionate welcome. Thanks also to all of you, who from afar, make my life complete with so many messages of love.”

“When the road is hard, celebrate every step of the journey. Focus on your happiness. It’s true that I can’t jump anymore, but these past few days, I’ve been punching the air more often than usual,” he wrote.

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