‘Doing the #IdibalaChallenge while driving could kill you’

Johannesburg – King Monada’s new song Malwedhe has taken South Africa by storm. However, it could also lead fans to an early grave if they are not careful.

Road Traffic Management Corporation’s Simon Zwane issued out the warning, highlighting the dangers of what King Monada’s fans were doing.

People and his fans fake faint while still behind the wheel while singing is playing in the background, resulting in them having their eyes off the road for a few seconds.

He said what was happening was dangerous as it compromises a driver’s ability to maintain steady a vehicle on the road.

Zwane said what was happening is dangerous, and compromises the driver’s ability to maintain their focus on the road, “The time you take your eyes off the road can lead to a fatal crash. This is dangerous,” he said.

In the song King Monada sings about developing fainting spells when his girlfriend cheats on him, when she does it give him money and will end up breaking up with him.

The description song lead to the #IdibalaChallenge (fainting challenge), which led to people filming themselves having these ‘fainting spells’.

Photo credit- YouTube

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