Donors pledge $1.8 billion for Sudan

Sudan -Foreign donor nations pledged $1.8 billion at a conference hosted by Germany to help Sudan ease an economic crisis hampering its transition towards democracy after the fall of Omar al-Bashir.

The European Union pledged 312 million euros ($350.13 million), the United States $356.2 million, Germany 150 million euro, France 100 million euro, and Britain 150 million for humanitarian and development programmes, chief among them planned cash transfers to poor families with the help of the World Bank, said officials at the online event.

Saudi Arabia, which said it had given Sudan $500 million last year, donated $10 million. The United Arab Emirates donated $50 million.

The two Gulf countries had previously promised Sugan a grant o $3 billion in the form of cash and commodities after the military ousted Bashir in April 2019, but it’s still not clear just how much has reached Sudan in total.

China and Spain were among countries that offered to assist Sudan with relieving its debt, which stands at about $56 billion.

In an opening statement, Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok said without these donations, instability could spread through a volatile region in east and northeastern Africa and disaffected young people would keep migrating by sea to Europe.

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