DRC fires more than 250 ‘fake’ or corrupt judges

DRC- The Democratic Republic of Congo on Monday fired more than 250 magistrates who did not have a law degree or were accused of corruption.

Justice Minister Alexis Thambwe Mwamba said on public television that President Joseph Kabila has “sanctioned more than 200 individuals who do not fulfill the conditions to function as magistrates.”

The media has reported a total of 256 were either suspended or removed, only two others resigned while another was put on retirement.

The staggering number of magistrates removed in the country stands at 4,000 magistrates.

The Justice minister Mwamba added that, “one cannot enter the judiciary with the objective of making money.”

He described the targeted individuals as “adventurers” who entered the judiciary with no law degrees and others who took bribes to deliver a favourable ruling.

“It is evident that there are other magistrates who escaped this dragnet,” he explained that a new law will be introduced to tackle the crisis, the proposed law will look into raising the bar for aspiring magistrates.

This is not the first time Kabila has sacked judges, in 2009 96 judges were fired following accusations of corruption, this included judges in within government, it was seen as an complete wipe-out of corrupt officials.

Mwamba complained about the slow judicial system, he added that arrests and detentions were used as “an instrument of intimidation and terror against the accused to strip them of their assets.”

Photo Credit- iOL/Twitter

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