DRC has set election for December 2018

Kinshasa – On Sunday the Democratic Republic of Congo announced that the country’s much delayed presidency elections will take place in December next year.
But the oppositions parties do not want to wait that long. They want their President Joseph Kabila to step down now. The elections were going to take place this year with the plan to make Kabila leave the presidency office, but things did not go as planned.
One of the officials at the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) Jean-Pierre Kalamba said the elections will take place on the 23rd of December 2018. He also said that these elections will be “direct voting”. He also went to confirm that these elections will cover the presidential, legislative, regional and local elections.
But the opposition parties said they were not happy with the time frame. They want the Kabila out of the office at the end of this year.
The spokesperson of the main opposition Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS) said, “We reject the (CENI) calendar, what interests us right now is the departure of Kabila by December 31, 2017.”
The electoral commission also said that the provisional results of the presidential elections will not be released  as soon as they finish counting. They will be released a week after voting, which will be December the 30th. They also went on to say the definitive results will not be released until after until January 9th 2019.

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