DRC opposition rally behind exiled leader Katumbi

Johannesburg- Democratic Republic of Congo opposition groups rallied behind exiled figure Moise Katumbi at talks in South Africa on Saturday. The talks aimed at having a united front to fight forelections due by the end of the year.

Katumbi who is in exile led dozens of opposition leaders at the three-day meeting in Johannesburg to have aa strateg for the planned December 23 election to replace President Joseph Kabila.

“What brings us here is the rejection of the dictatorship that has taken root in our beautiful country and the desire to build a better world for our compatriots,” Katumbi said in opening remarks to over 100 participants.

“Together we will help build the alternative for the future and show the Congolese people that they are not alone”

“We are confident. We are the biggest movement that the DRC will have, we have a strong candidate, and if we have free and fair elections it will be possible to win this election”

The opposition parties want a free an fair elections and they feel this mandate is far from being fulfilled.

The election was supposed be held in late 2016 but was frequently delayed leading to unrest in the mineral rich province.

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