Driver wrecks his Ferrari, sues his insurer for ’embarrassing’ crash

VANCOUVER- A bizarre story come out of Canada when it was reported that a man Ferrari F40 owner Dr Navraj Heran who crashed his car in 2012 into a streetlight pole initially filed a claim with Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) who offered him $503 000 in 2012.

Dr Heran was not satisfied with the amount and ICBC increased the amount to $696 000. Heran says the cost of the full repair is close to $982 000.

He has now complained that ICBC has embarrassed him, he said,  “having the Ferrari absent from his vehicle collection, which he makes available for public display and appreciation.”

The matter still remains unresolved and the court proceedings have now gone to the Supreme Court of British Columbia which now has to  decide on the matter.


Photo Credit- YouTube

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