Dudu Myeni back in court over conduct during Zondo inquiry

Johannesburg – Former South Africa Airways (SAA) chairperson Dudu Myeni has another date in the dock on Wednesday.

Myeni will make her second appearance before the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court to answer to criminal charges over her conduct at the state capture commission of inquiry.

The charges stem from Myeni’s gaffe on the stand when she revealed the identity of a protected witness while testifying live on camera.

In November 2020, Myeni took the stand and revealed the identity of a protected witness, “Mr X”, while giving evidence.

Despite a warning from commission chairperson Chief Justice Raymond Zondo not to, she then repeated it.

Some 16 months after the fact, Myeni was eventually summoned to appear in court in March.

Her first appearance int eh dock was a brief one and saw the case postponed to Wednesday for, among others, the State to consider certain representations which Myeni had made.

These representations are understood to represent a bid on Myeni’s part to try and convince the State to reconsider her prosecution.

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