Durban Teacher in trouble for racist remarks

DURBAN – Primary school teacher has been suspended due to allegations of hurling racial remarks at Grade 4 pupils, last week in Durban.

Crawford La Lucia stated that they will not tolerate any racist remarks to pupils as they are a private school and have a vast range of races at the school.

The parents of some of the Grade 4 children reported that they received emails from the school notifying them of the computer teacher’s immediate suspension for “misconduct” just a day after the incident occurred.

“My son told me some of them were having trouble logging into the website they use for lessons. It happens that most of them were black and when more and more children asked for help, she snapped and said the problem was that ‘you people have too many names’. She then pointed out all black kids in class, and continued with the unsavoury remarks,” said one parent.

Some parents spoke out regarding passed experiences with racism of the school as well as the comments made by their children regarding the same issue.

Crawfords Schools managing director Anwar Karrim stated that the school embraces diversity and will continue to transform and actively employ excellent teachers who refect the diversity their student body.

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