Dutton is an ‘out and out racist’- Australian minister

CAPE TOWN- There is a political firestorm in Australia over comments by home minister Peter Dutton who said that the country would welcome white South African farmers.

The Guardian reported that Dutton said white farmers are facing “horrific circumstances” of land seizures and violence in South Africa and wanted his department to investigate bringing them to Australia.

His comments have received backlash, Greens leader, Senator Richard Di Natale, hit back at Dutton and labelled him a racist, according to a report by ABC News.

He said, “There’s no debate as far as I’m concerned, the bloke is an out-and-out racist,”

“According to Peter Dutton, if you’re a white South African farmer you are going to make a great contribution, you’re not going to bludge on welfare. But if you’re not white, you won’t do any of those things,” Di Natale was quoted as saying.

But Dutton views has its supporters.

The West Australian Liberals have been pushing to “resettle persecuted minorities” in SA and Zimbabwe, after they passed a motion calling on the federal government to move ahead with the plan in 2017.

Australian politician Ian Goodenough said that white South Africans would integrate well into Australian culture and bring relevant skills to the country, ABC News reported.

Queensland Liberal MP Andrew Laming has labelled white farmers as “refugees”.

Photo Credit- News.au

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