Eastern Cape teen invents fire-proof shack

JOHANNESBURG- Grade 12 pupil Gabriella Mogale of the Collegiate Girls’ High School in Port Elizabeth has invented a proof shack, intended to prevent a fire started outside, inside or near it.

Mogale said, “I didn’t think my idea was good enough to enter into the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists‚ but my science teacher convinced me to enter. It didn’t seem compatible with all the other projects. You might not think it’s a great idea but someone else may see something in it‚”

Her invention has grabbed the attention of many as her project was sparked by 2017 Knysna wildfires‚ which resulted in many people‚ including shack dwellers‚ losing their homes and valuables.

She said, “When I saw the Knysna fires‚ I thought ‘why hasn’t someone done something about this because for years‚ informal settlements have been going up in flames’‚”

She describes her intervention as an improvement of what already exists and is still in the early stages.

She said the materials used to prevent a blaze are put outside and inside the shack, it is plastered with a “mixture” which contains cement and other products‚ while the inside would be insulated with recyclable goods.

Discussing how much this could cost, she said, “It is something that people can make themselves. The outside [which contains the cement mixture] may be a bit costly but it’s still affordable and the inside would contain just recycled material.”

“I think we are on to something here‚” she added.

Her next step will be studying at university, she said, “I want to study actuarial sciences next year.”

Photo Credit- destinyconnect.com

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