EC community seeks landmark ruling to defend their land against a mining company

JOHANNESBURG- The North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria was packed to capacity on Monday with members of an Eastern Cape community who are resisting a foreign company to mine on their land.

The Xolobeni village has demand the court to grant a ruling that the Department of Mineral Resources can not issue mining rights without the community’s consent.

The hearings are expected to be heard in court over the next three days.

The outcome of the court ruling could set a landmark, as it would give rural communities powers to refuse companies to extract minerals from their land.

The residents of the Xolobeni community have done this before, in 2007 they formed the Amadiba Crisis Committee to stop Australian mining conglomerate Mineral Resources Commodities to mine titanium.

Their argument was that the mining would of displaced them and would of completely destroyed their way of life. They depend on fishing and farming to live.

Photo Credit- TimesLIVE

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