Economic crisis: Showdown looms as Zim police, protesters expected to clash

Harare- A showdown is looming in Zimbabwe on Thursday as labour unions have vowed to go ahead with planned protests against the country’s continued economic crisis. The protests are going ahead despite a police ban on fears of a fresh cholera outbreak.

AFP reported that Zimbabwe’s largest trade union, the Zimbabwe Congress Trade Union (ZCTU) called for national protests on Thursday as the country’s economic crisis worsens.

ZCU said the strike was in result of sharp price increases and tax added to certain goods from the beginning of the week, and food shortages.

“We hear that there are some who want to demonstrate against what they say are an untenable economic situation in the country. Let me say that our President (Emmerson Mnangagwa) is a peace-loving person. We are a law-abiding government and so is our President.

NewsDay is reporting that home affairs minister Cain Mathema warned that the police will be in full force to avoid any attempts by the ZCTU to demonstrate.

“If people go against the law and go to demonstrate, they must know that our law will deal with them harshly. We don’t want law breakers. We don’t want people who break our peace,” Mathema was quoted as saying.

But ZCTU president Peter Mutasa said, “It’s either we do nothing but die in our homes because pharmacies are closing and hospitals have no drugs (or we) speak up and stand up for our rights,”

Zimbabwe did announce  job cuts for civil servants earlier this year as it will be part of its reforms to cut expenditure.

“We must all be realistic… Whatever some may claim, there are no silver bullets or quick fixes,” Mnangagwa said on Monday calling for people not to panic.

Photo credit- Zimbabwe News

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