JOHANNESBURG – The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has strongly criticised the publication of the residential address and images of its leader Julius Malema.

The EFF said in a statement that the images and the details were released by the media and not by the party.

On Monday it was reported by several media outlets that the house is located at a Hyde Park property owned by businessman Adriano Mazzotti.

In 2013, Mazzotti donated R200,000, while Carnilinx director Kyle Phillips loaned Malema R1 million to help the leader settle his tax issues.

The Hyde Park estate only houses four properties, and high top security.

Mazzotti has a stake in three of them, he lives in the estate with Malema’s wife, Mantwa, and their children as neighbours.

Mazzotti has been described as a self-confessed cigarette smuggler and was implicated in the State Capture book by Jacque Pauw, alleging the businessman has avoid paying tax for years. He’s consistently denied the allegations and insists that he is fully tax compliant.

The businessman says he won’t hide the fact that he and Malema are friends, confirming that the politician’s wife pays a market-related rent to live in his property.

Malema wouldn’t answer on the claims, but said he has moved to Cape Town, where he has been given a residence in Goodwood by the state.

The EFF described the details of Malema’s family home as double standards, as civil organisations and media monitoring bodies have not spoken out about the matter.

The EFF has warned media houses that it will not tolerate what it calls “unethical” and “obsessive” attacks on its leadership.

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