Efforts to capture missing lions fruitless

There has been civil unrest for residents of the Fochville area on Gauteng’s Far West Rand following the escape of five lions believed to be roaming the area. The Lions are believed to have killed cattle in the nearby farms but they are nowhere to be seen.

Wildlife experts have warned the general public in the area to be very attentive as the lions could approach human settlements when they become hungry.

Although experts are not sure where the lions came from, they believe that they escaped from a private game park. Fochville community members are becoming increasingly worried about the animals and they have urged the authorities to do something about the lions before they harm their children.

One resident says: “I am scared for the children because they always play on the streets, we are so scared because lions are dangerous.”

“We will never know when these lions are going to show up. We are appealing to the police to trace them and put them in a safe place,” adds the resident.

The police have also urged Fochville residents and the surroundings to keep their children indoors as much as possible until the lions are captured. Residents are also urged to be vigilant and desist from roaming the area at night.

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