EFF’s Floyd Shivambu comment of ‘non African’, condemned for being racist

JOHANNESBURG-  In extraordinary scenes in parliament on Tuesday where Floyd Shivambu during a heated exchange with Treasury deputy director general and ANC veteran Ismail Momoniat, Shivambu rejected Treasury representative because he was not African.

Shiivambu has repeatedly rejected Mononiat frequent presence at the committee and director general Dondo Mogajane did not appear. He said this undermined African ‘representativeness’.

The EFF’s leader comment caused outrage and Finance committee chairman Yunus Carrim was furious when he made the statement and calling him to order saying Momoniat was a struggle veteran and was very active in the underground during fight against apartheid.

Shivambu reportedly said: “I think he undermines Africans. He does not take the director-general, the finance minister or the deputy finance minister seriously. He thinks he is superior to them. He takes all the decisions and he is always here in Parliament as if he is National Treasury alone. He is supposed to focus on what he is assigned to.”

Shivambu said he statement was not racist.

Photo Credit- Gallo Images

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