Egypt editor suggests more presidential terms for Sisi

CAIRO- A top editor in Egypt, reportedly close president Adbel-Fattah al-Sisi has hinted that the president showed be abled to lead more then two terms, one term is four years, this rule is set by the Constitution.

Chairperson for state owned al-Akhabar Yasser Rizq did not say that the call for the amending of the constitutional clause of limiting the number of terms a president can serve, but he argued that time is running short for the emergence of another leader who “can shoulder the responsibilities of a head of state of a country of Egypt’s weight and prestige.”

President Sisi has led Egypt since 2013 after the removal of Mohammed Morsi who was an Islamist president, he only rule for a year and it proved to be divisive. Sisi was elected a year later and his election was virtually was unopposed and won also the contentious election in March.

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