Egypt forces have killed 38 militants in major operation

Cairo- The Egyptian military said in on Tuesday that they have killed 38 militants and arrested more than 50o jihadists and suspects, after launching a major operation against Islamic State (IS) affiliate group in Sinai.

The military said it had killed 10 “extremely dangerous” extremists, the statement added that 400 “criminal elements and suspects” had been arrested, having previously announced the arrested 126 people.

The military spokesperson Colonel Tamer al-Rifai  revealed the killed jihadist were “hiding inside a house in the vicinity of El-Arish city (North Sinai province’s capital) following a shoot-out.” The operation destroyed several vehicles and warehouses he said.

Military announced on Friday that a operation called “Operation Sinai 2018” in the Sinai Peninsula bordering Israel, the central Nile Delta to tackle extremism.

This operation comes at a time when President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi seeks re-election in March, after many opposition candidates have dropped out and his continuous crack down on his opponents and Islamist insurgency.

The army’s fight against IS and other Islamist extremist has led them to be constantly targeted for terrorist attacks as many Egyptian cities have suffered from the insurgency.

Egypt’s air force and navy have also taken part in the operation, as the IS link Sinai terrorist have waged a deadly insurgency against the Egyptian security forces.

Photo Credit- The Times of Israel


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