Egypt sentences a policeman in a very rare torture sentence

Cairo – A policeman from Egypt was sentenced to 7 years in prison. This follows after the the policeman tortured a worker to death, a rare decision against a force largely seen as working with impunity.


The Court of Cassation sentenced this policeman on Wednesday. The court also sentenced 5 other policemen that were involved in this case. They were sentenced to 3 years.


They try to appeal by their appeal was rejected when the court issued what will be a final verdict.


These men were initially convicted in July, last year. They were convicted for beating a Talaat el-Rashidi to death in the Luxor police station.


This happened after he was arrested in one of the coffee shop in the area for the possession of narcotics.


One of the Egyptian police departments decided to conduct an investigation. It was conducted on a wide scale to investigate and crackdown all the government opponents.


Both the opponents which are Islamist and secular were investigated.


According to the statement released by the Human Right Watch in Egypt states that the President Adel-Fattah as-Sisi has given a “green light” to the systematic torture inside the country’s detention facilities.

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