Egyptian security forces raid a militant hideout

CAIRO – Egyptian security forces have reportedly killed at least five militants during a hideout raid in the north-east of Cairo on Monday.

The Egyptian security forces have been battling an insurgency by an Islamic State group affiliate based in North Sinai which has killed hundreds of people in recent months.

Unrest in the country started following the dismissal of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi by the military in 2013.

This did not settle well with his followers leading to a string of attacks and killings of innocent civilians across Egypt.

The latest rebellions happened last month when militants carried out a bomb and gun attack on a mosque in Rawda Village in North Sinai province, killing over three hundred innocent people in the process.

The incident was registered as the deadliest attack in Egypt’s recent history and security forces have been very alert to prevent such situations from happening again.

It is reported the Egyptian security forces were tipped of a looming terrorist attack and they had to strike first by attacking and destroying a hideout where the militants were training to carry out their attacks.

In a statement, the ministry confirmed that 5 militants were killed at a dessert hideout located between the 10th of Ramadan city and Belbeis town in the Nile Delta province of Sharqiya.

Adding that they found weapons, ammunition and explosive devices believed to have been used for training purposes.

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