Egyptians abroad vote in presidential elections

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CAIRO-  Thousands of Egyptians living abroad across the global will be heading to the polls to cast their vote for the presidential elections.

Lasheen Ibrahim head of the election said the turnout on Friday was appeared to be good without going into details of what the turnout was.

Overseas voting started on Friday and ended on Sunday.

In Egpyt the voting will take place from March 26-28. Irbahim told reporters that they received no complaints from any of the poll stations around the world and the process went well.

Current president Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi is virtually certain to win and be re-elected after a string of potential candidates withdrew or were forced to drop out or arrested.

The only left contender Moussa Mustafa Moussa has a uphill battle to beat al-Sisi as he is a supporter of Sisi’s government.

PICS – Highlight of Egyptians voting around the world:


Photo Credit- Egypt Today. Egyptian expatriates at Egyptian embassy in New York to vote in the presidential election.


Photo Credit- Egypt Today- Egyptians voting in Kuwait, standing in long queues to cast their vote.


Photo Credit- Egyptians in Jeddah head to polling stations on second day of presidential election.

Image Credit- Egypttoday.

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