Eight Injured in Protests in Kenya

NAIROBI – Eight people injured in protests in Kenya on Wednesday. These protests took place a day after opposition leader Raila Odinga announced he would quit the presidential race.

The President of Kenya wants elections to take place on the 26th of October. But longtime rival Odinga says his withdrawal legally forces election officials to begin the entire process from scratch.

This move made by Odinga leaves more time for his change demands to be met.

In the western part of the country where Odinga has most supporters, thousands of protesters took to the street, blocking roads, setting heaps of tyres alight and engaging in running battles with police.

According to a nurse working in one of the country’s hospital eight people have been admitted to the hospital. She also went on to say all these people have gunshot wounds.

Nairobi police had thrown teargas to all the protesters who threw stones at passing cars.

Nonetheless, the crowd later dispersed peacefully after speeches from opposition leaders, but they also dispersed due to the heavy rain.

However these protests are seen as an indicator that the elections that are due to take place on the 26th this month will be worse than the previous one.

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