Equatorial Guinea deserves praise for Gambia’s peace, accepting Jammeh-Nguema

The longest leader in Africa, Theodore Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea says his country deserves plaudits for the peace Gambians are currently enjoying.

Nguema, 75, in January 2017 accepted to shelter the outgoing leader of Gambia Yayha Jammeh in a deal brokered by the West African regional political bloc, ECOWAS. Nguema said: “First of all, I believe, you should congratulate Equatorial Guinea for the decision to host the former Gambian leader.

“Particularly at a time when it saved a war situation in the country, because the ECOWAS forces were ready to invade the country which situation could have led to spillage of blood even affecting the citizens.

“Because the outgoing president was ready to fight as an individual I knew very well, I spoke to him via telephone and asked him to leave power.”

When asked whether he will hand Jammeh over to an institution of justice if need be, Nguema responded that he will consult with his jurists when a request in that direction reached him. He, however, stressed that chasing someone who agreed to leave power will set a bad precedent.

Jammeh though later agreed to quit after Guimean and Mauritanian presidents held last minute talks with him at state house. He has since let Gambia and has been living in Equatorial Guinea.

Photo Credits – Nehanda Radio

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