Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia hosts top U.S. diplomat on East Africa tour

The United States Department of State on Saturday announced that a top official on African Affairs was due to tour three East African countries between April 22 – April 26.

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Ambassador Donald Y. Yamamoto will start off his tour in Eritrea, head to Djibouti and round off his activities in Ethiopia.

According to the Department of State, Yamamoto arrived in Eritrea on Sunday, has a three-day working tour. The tour is for “bilateral consultations with Eritrean government officials, to meet with the diplomatic community, and to visit the Embassy’s staff based in Asmara.

“He will then lead the U.S. delegation to the U.S.-Djibouti Binational Forum April 24-25 in Djibouti, our annual dialogue on matters of political, economic, assistance, and security cooperation,” the statement added.

Ambassador Yamamoto’s final stop will be in Ethiopia on April 26 where he is expected to meet with Ethiopian government officials to discuss bilateral interests and concerns.

The Horn of Africa region has been one that has continually engaged the attention of the United States.

Its relation with Ethiopia has largely been focused on anti-terrorism combat and the call for democratic reforms.

Eritrea however continues to criticize the United National Security Council and the United States especially for their refusal to lift sanctions on Asmara over their apparent support for Somalia insurgent group, Al Shabaab.

Djibouti is seen a key security ally of the West and other Asian countries, hosting a number of military bases. The U.S. also maintains special interest in Somalia as they continue to carry out air strikes against Al-Shabaab.

Photo Credit-AfricaNews

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