Erykah Badu is holding a ‘quarantine concert series’ from her bedroom


ENTERTAINMENT – Neo-soul artist Erykah Badu announced through her Instagram account that she will be holding a ‘quarantine concert series’ live from her bedroom. Talking to millions of followers in a short video, she said, “We gotta keep moving, yall. We gotta keep this thing going. We’re a community of artists who our survival depends on performing… creating, laughing, living and loving.”

Fans can see the interactive live concert for only one dollar and they will be able to choose the songs based on the post.

Badu assured her fans that more details are to follow.

“We gon’ pull it off. We gon’ be calm. You gon’ help me make it happen. Can’t do it without you. Stay tuned for details” she captioned the Instagram post.

Fans will also be able to curate the soundtrack of the concert. Badu also shared that she will be conducting a poll where they can pick songs she performs.

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