JOHANNESBURG – Eskom’s legal team has today released a controversial report of their own client. According to the damning report, it is stated that Eskom and Eskom bosses intentionally disregarded advice to seize working contracts with Mckinsey or to contract and pay for the services of doomed Trillian which is a Gupta linked company.

The 29-page report has been reported as seen by local News Stations and is now in the custody of Minister Lynne Brown who is the SA Public Enterprises Minister.

The report in question is said to contain damning information and in great detail.

In more news, it is said that US firm Oliver Wyman also flagged the contract work with Trillian but Eskom bosses went on to rubbish those claims and claimed that every contract in place was approved and legally accurate.

However the report further acknowledges that Eskom has reiterated and stated that they indeed ignored advice and pleas to disassociate themselves from working with the afore mentioned company.

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