Eskom not revealing much, as wage talks with unions continue

JOHANNESBURG- Eskom said they going to give the wage negotiations a chance with unions, and said they will not make any pronouncements but a resolution may reached soon.

On Tuesday unions said that Eskom had put on the table a 4.7% wage increase but Eskom said they will not confirm this.

NUM, Numsa and Solidarity have been in talks, on behalf of their members, with Eskom’s top management over the initial decision to cut salary increases altogether for the year and the 0% counter offered by the state utility.

Unions say that the 4.7% offer was tabled on Tuesday with a four year agreement with inflation guaranteed.

This offer could mean that the matter does not need to go to the CCMA as a possible resolution looks highly likely.

It is being reported that unions should give back feedback on this offer by the end of today, but Eskom says talks are still scheduled until Thursday so no announcement can be made just as yet.

The state utility also said the chances of load shedding are there, after they blamed the cut of their power systems of their striking employees last week, who they say have intimated,  sabotaged and damaged the infrastructure.

Photo Credit- Eskom

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