Eskom stops new job appointments in a bid to save money

JOHANNESBURG- Eskom has decided to stop new job appointments, saying it is a bid to save costs as part of their new business strategy.

The power utility is implementing a number of cost saving measures, this procedure will include lifestyle audits and non bonuses or pay increases for top executives.

Khulu Phasiwe from Eskom said, “Management and the board have taken a decision for people who are resigning, retiring and leaving Eskom for opportunities elsewhere, in many cases those positions will not be filled. This is part of the natural attrition in terms of the gradual reduction of the numbers without firing people.”

However positions for permanent  CEO and CFO positions still need to be filled and they are still looking for those positions to be filled.

Eskom has although submitted three names for the position of CEO to Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan  and an announcement is imminent.

The department has also advertised  for candidates to apply for board of director positions at state-owned enterprises.

Photo Credits- EWN



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