Ethnic wars in Ethiopia continue

ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian government has raised concerns over brutal killings between the country’s largest ethnic groups, the Oromo and the Somali in the south.
Speaking at a press conference; the government spokesperson Negeri Lencho said the clashes are as a result of long-running land disputes between the two ethnic groups.
The killing of two local administrators also sparked violent protests leading to hundreds of innocent people dying in the process and thousands being displaced; Negeri added.
“We can say hundreds of the Oromo ethnicity were killed… and there were also deaths from the Somali side, we don’t know exactly how many,” Negeri said.
Negeri said the government was doing its best to calm and stop brutal killings between the Oromo and Somali people.
The fighting which started earlier this month has not only affected the two ethic groups but other small groups as well.
Negeri said the long-standing rivalry on who controls arable land along the border belonging to the two ethnic groups has been running for many years now.
“Ethiopia is divided into ethnically-based federal regions and the Oromo and Somali people have for years argued over who controls arable land along their shared border,” he said.
The government has also put a national task force to address the needs of thousands who have been displaced from their homes.

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