Eva Modika claims her beef with Ayanda Thabethe is personal

Diamond and Dolls star Eva Modika says media personality Ayanda Thabethe has a personal vendetta against her.

In a recent interview with MacG’s Podcast and Chill, Eva recalled meeting Ayanda and her baby daddy at a club and him buying her Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne and alluded that the incident led the media personality to post false accusations about her on social media.

“When she met her baby daddy, I saw them in the club and I went and said ‘hi’ to him, and he bought me alcohol, because me and him had a thing,” she said.

“She’s someone that I liked, because when we were at Lorna Maseko’s lunch she was saying hi to us … so for her to go write that as well, and when I messaged her she blue-ticked me … but when I look at it, it’s personal. He bought me Cristal in the club and I went and said hi and I think it was a few days [after] they met.

“I know him way back from 2019. I wouldn’t say [he’s my] ex, I would say we were talking … She doesn’t even know that I was vibing with him … when I met her she was sweet but the things she wrote I was like ahh.”

In June 2021, Ayanda took to Instagram stories, saying Eva was behind the celebrity blog Maphepha Ndaba.

“A lot of people fell victim to Eva Modika’s blog Maphepha Ndaba and I can’t believe how dark a human this hun is. We are grateful, however, that we know the devil walking among us now and she can roam freely knowing we know where we stand with her,” wrote Ayanda.

Eva rejected the claims, saying: “I said I will not address this bullsh*t again! You honestly think I have all the time to be blogging? I chill the whole day writing 24/7? Get out, you are rude.”

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