EXCLUSIVE | Chilling CCTV footage of Karabo Mokoena’s killer moments before he dumps her body

JOHANNESBURG- The chilling video below is murder convicted killer Sanild Mantsoe struggling to carry Karabo Mokoena body in a large bin.

The time is 10.06pm on Friday April 28 and inside the bin is the body of Mantsoe’s murdered girlfriend, Karabo Mokoena.

The video is unbelievable was admitted into evidence during Mantsoe trial but was not publicly released. It shows Mantsoe pulling a wheelie bin from a room near his flat at 9.57pm. Less than 10 minutes later his seen pulling the clearly heavy bin into a lift.

Mokoena was last seen alive at 2:48am that same day.

He then carefully returns the bin he used to move her body before driving out of his block of flats, he places Mokoena’s body in the boot of his Mercedes-Benz.

Mantsoe returns to his flat in the early hours of the next day, wearing blue rubber gloves and carrying a green plastic bag, putting it in the large dustbin.

Manstoe said he disposed Karabo’s body because he feared he would of been blamed for her death. He dispose her body by burning it with pool acid, petrol and a tyre. He was convicted of murder, defeating the ends of justice and assault, his sentence 32 years.


Video Credit- TimesLIVE- YouTube
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