Expert tips on how you can switch up your makeup kit to suit the seasons

The change of season should also signal a change in your makeup kit. Image: Tresemme

If you don’t know him by now, well, you should. One of the most sought-after makeup artists in the world, Sir John, has worked with some of the most prolific celebrities including: Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, Viola Davis and Beyoncé.

Sunday Times beauty editor sat down with the beauty guru who shares his tips on how we can transition our beauty looks to suit the changing climates.


In order to have makeup and skin that looks good all year round, you have to adapt your routine to the climate.  As a general rule of thumb for skincare, it is more lightweight in summer, becoming rich and hydrating in winter, and this works hand-in-hand with your makeup application.

The key products to consider swapping out when moving between seasons are foundation and eye makeup. Lipstick, whether matte or not, can work regardless of season, as long as the lips are properly hydrated prior to use.

Sir John says: “It’s important to transition your makeup and your skincare routine. As we go from warmer climates to cooler climates, we go from lightweight moisturising sprays and softening lotions to more emollient creams for the winter or drier seasons. This also impacts your makeup. In summer, you want a sheer tinted moisturiser or a barely-there veil of complexion. In winter, you want a fuller coverage.”



When it comes to coverage, you want to transition to full-coverage formulas from more liquid-like sheer formulas. “Just as you change your moisturiser in winter, your foundation should be a whipped texture or something like a foundation stick and possibly buffing in a powder into your foundation for more coverage,” says Sir John.

“In the summer, it’s the opposite – what you’re doing will be sheer next-to-nothing skin.” Remember that while you can play with full-coverage foundations towards winter, skin is becoming drier so add hydration and glow by using liquid illuminators or facial oils mixed into foundation before application.

Eye makeup

It may seem unimportant whether you switch up your eyeshadow or not, but it can make a difference. Though you can use creams, powders or both formulations all year round, consider the condition of your eye skin before making your day-to-day choice.

If your eye area is looking dehydrated, apply a hydrating eye cream, then use a cream, liquid or gel kohl liner that will glide across the lid and make the area look healthier. Sir John says: “Something that is great about winter is that you can try more of a look. When I say ‘more of a look’, I mean that you can do an eye analytically. Summer is the quintessential time to enjoy the ease of one piece of punctuation in your makeup. But in winter, you can try on more than one look at the same time and be more daring.”


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Source – TimesLIVE

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