Expropriation: Constitutional Review Committee will visit every province

CAPE TOWN-  The constitutional review committee will ask,’ Is section 25 of the Constitution an impediment to land reform?’

This is a question that many South Africans will have to answer when Parliament’s Constitutional Review
Committee will ask people around the country for their feedback.

Tasked by the National Assembly in February to look into amending the constitution to allow expropriation without compensation, met on Tuesday afternoon to decide on a plan for a programme of activities.

At the start of April the committee will publish advertisements for oral and written submissions from the public. The public will need to respond within a month to the committe, co chairperson Vincent Smith told journalists after the meeting.

The following month in May the committee will separate into two, one will visit inland province’s and the other to visit coastal province’s.

Smith said, “[The committee] is going to ask the question: ‘Does section
25 cause any impediment to what we want to do?”

He said the committee would also ask what are the mechanisms South Africans would like to see for the implementation of land reform.

The committee has given itself until March 28 to have suggestions which cities and towns they should visit.

Smith added that they hope to give themselves at least three days in each province but it will depend on the budget they are allocated.

Photo Credit- SAbreakingnews


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