Facebook to offer hardware security keys to users in 2021

Facing various probes over data privacy and security, Facebook will provide new options in 2021 to users to safeguard their information, like hardware security tokens along with expanding its Protect programme to more accounts.

Head of Security Policy at Facebook, Nathaniel Gleicher said that the social network plans to roll out mobile support for hardware security tokens for users in 2021.

The security keys are advised for high-profile accounts but from next year onwards, these will be available for any account holder.

“Users will be able to buy the tokens from various retailers in-person and online, and then will be able to register them with Facebook,” a report said.

The company will also expand its Facebook Project security programme to more types of accounts next year, like journalists, human rights defenders and celebrities, and “also to users in countries with upcoming major elections”.

Gleicher said that users with high-profile accounts should use both Facebook Protect and security keys.

“Bad actors are trying to target social media assets of prominent voices. Just because you’re not a CEO or a political candidate doesn’t mean you’re not a prominent person in your field and a target,” said Gleicher.

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