Fake Nigeria World Cup jerseys fly off the shelves

LAGOS- The capital city of Lagos Nigeria, has been a buziz as many in the capital flock have flocked to the stalls to buy the National teams jerseys.

Super Eagles official jerseys is priced at $85 at the Nike store.

But the growing demand many are flocking to get the jersey at a cheaper price, $47 from the Thailand , “The ones I sell here are the highest quality in the market,” he told AFP. “By 14:00 I’ll get another 1 000 pieces, by the weekend it will be gone.”

A different vendor who imports his jerseys from China said he had cheaper jerseys, “We have quality and we have lowest quality,”

“The quality one you can even buy it (for) 5 000 naira, the lowest quality is 3 000 or 2 500 ($7).”

However Nike’s London store said their Nigeria stock sold out for the first time earlier this month.

“The jersey is colourful, it’s beautiful, it’s trending all over the world,” said Super Eagles fan Michael Echezona.

“I hope you know that it’s the best jersey so far for this competition, I’m proud to put on my jersey. We’re representing Africa.”

“The jersey just represents Nigerian flamboyance,” said Jimmy Ayeni, founder of Vivendii, a Lagos-based fashion line.

“I think Nigeria is having its moment in terms of culture, our culture is being heavily celebrated.”

Ayeni hopes that the flamboyance can help score some goals for Nigeria, who play their first game against Croatia on Saturday.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we’re not going to win the World Cup,” said Ayeni.

“It’s not so much about winning, it’s just about everyone feeling content that we did our best.”

Photo Credit- Ahram Online

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