PRETORIA- A Taxify driver who was burnt to death in his car after a group of men ambushed him after he took a client to their destination. Eyewitnesses at the scene, witnessed a group of what they alleged as meter car taxi drivers who intended to harm him.

The police are investigating the murder, the man’s body has been identified by the family.

The family of the Taxify driver are not impressed by the process of the investigations and what they perceive as lack of progress and inaction.

The driver has been identified as Siyabonga Ngcobo, a 21 year old Sports Management student, he was shoved in his Taxify car boot and set alight.

Ngcobo only joint the company a week before his murder to earn extra money whilst his studying.

The uncle of Ngcobo, Melusi Mbombo told Eyewitness News that the family is angry that the police did not do more to prevent the murder. No arrest have been made.

Melusi Mbombo says he does not understand why police do not step in when someone ask for help the first time.

“Some of the police cars were stopped a minute after they took off. They were told about the situation and they said it clearly that we must not interfere with taxi violence or meter taxis operators.”

Mbombo further said that the turf war should not exist at all, because people should not be killing people for customers.

He said, “What they did is terrifying. I don’t know why [you need to] kill another human being over such a small thing.”

Photo Credit- Daily Sun, Archive picture of a burnt Taxify car.



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