Famous Chinese liquor Fenjiu officially launched in South Africa

South African consumers can now enjoy what is considered China’s spirit of choice, baijiu, after the official launch of the Fenjiu brand in the country this week.

The China Fenjiu Conference, hosted by Shanxi Xinghua Cun Fenjiu International Trade Limited Co. (Fenjiu International) and undertaken by Newrgy Trading Pty Ltd. was held in the Indaba Hotel and Conference Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The event was attended by members of Chinese enterprises in South Africa, members of Parliament, leaders of overseas Chinese organisations, representatives of overseas Chinese, and friends from all walks of life in China and South Africa.

Zhang Weidong, general manager of Shanxi Xinghua Cun Fenjiu International Trade Limited Co., the organiser of the press conference, sent a warm welcome speech from China.

“The launch of Fenjiu in South Africa, the beautiful rainbow nation, was the first stop for Fenjiu to expand to Africa. China’s Fenjiu enjoys a history of 6,000 years of brewing, 1,500 years of being rated as famous liquor, 800 years of distilled liquor, 300 years of branding and 100 years of international presence,” said Zhang Weidong.

“As a typical representative of Chinese Baijiu (white liquor), Fenjiu won the first-class medal at the Panama International Exposition in 1915. It was served in the founding ceremony of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 and has been rated as a famous Chinese liquor for many years. It is expected that Fenjiu could gain the favour of South African consumers in the South African market,” he said.

Yan Yuliang, head of Newrgy Trading Pty Ltd., the sales company of Fenjiu in South Africa, also delivered a speech.

He said that the Fenjiu Group “travelled thousands of miles across the mountains and seas to South Africa, the rainbow nation, so that all friends can experience the taste of China and appreciate the charm of Chinese Baijiu”.

“It is hoped that this press conference can be seen as a starting point to tap the potential of the South African market to provide more liquor consumers with high-quality Fenjiu products and satisfying services. At the same time, we will use Baijiu as a medium and taking Fenjiu’ s expansion to South Africa as a new opportunity to drive more Chinese consumers to choose and appreciate the charming aromatic South African wines.”

South African MP Sun Yao Heng said that it took only a few months from the introduction of Fenjiu to the launch of the press conference, and the execution of the team was very strong.

“We sincerely hope that Fenjiu could deliver the story of traditional Chinese culture,” he said.

Newrgy Trading Pty Ltd ., the sales company of Fenjiu International in South Africa, presented the first batch of five distributors with authorisation certificates. A solid step forward for the sale of Fenjiu in South Africa.

Fenjiu Group is committed to promoting Fenjiu culture in South Africa, allowing local people to have a deeper understanding of Fenjiu culture, conveying the extraordinary charm of the “Soul of Chinese Liquor”, and exploring more possibilities for the integration and development of wine culture between China and South Africa. As the originator of Chinese Baijiu, Fenjiu is a business card of Shanxi Province and a representative of Chinese culture and the spirit of democracy.

“Fenjiu Group looks forward to taking the opportunity of promoting Chinese Baijiu culture overseas to allow more overseas friends to a gain a better understanding of China,” the group said.

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