Fans not impressed with Sir Trill cancelling shows to rest

The festive season is usually a busy time for artists as they get booked all over the country to bring cheers. They hardly get the time to rest between performances, especially amapiano musicians.

Sir Trill announced that he is taking a break because of fatigue and some of his fans were not so happy about that.

“I would like to apologise to the upcoming events and shows. I have been suffering from fatigue and it has gotten worse. We have been working all year non-stop. We forgot I need at least a little bit of rest. I love you all see you soon,” he said.

Fans were not thrilled, especially one fan from Botswana.

“Born and raised is the biggest event in Botswana. You should note that it should be possible to not miss the opportunity or else you will never be able to be booked international.”

Others, however, applauded him for the decision.

“Have your rest, bro. You remained humbled in a very challenging industry where people get depressed, criticised, hated, cancelled, accused, overworked, abused etc. You deserve to recharge and serve us the best.”

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