Earlier this year there were was a big number of women being abducted and murdered. Amongst those numbers were women murdered by their partners. Recently in Port Elizabeth a Nelson Mandela University student was raped. It is also reported that another was stabbed simply because she did not have a phone or wallet with her to offer the perpetrators.

Both incidents have been reported to have taken place at the Second Avenue campus. Both incidents also took place in the university premises in the computer labs. The two victims have received medical attention with counseling. As this point in time the police have not made any arrests.

The two victims could not identify the perpetrators. The victims do recall being threatened with a pair of scissors and the one ultimately stabbed with the pair of scissors.

After the whole ordeal the perpetrators made the two students carry a computer box and monitor outside, after they jumped the fence then ordered the two young women to pas the items over the fence. The suspects are suspected not to be students at the university. The security of the students is still in question.

The university has promised to step up their security systems and access points. They will also be monitoring and patrolling venues especially after hours.

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