Ferrari holding F1 to ‘ransom’ wrong – Horner

MARANELLO- Red Bull boss Christian Horner has accused Ferrari of holding Formula One, “to ransom”

Horner is taking a hard position in reaction to not only Ferrari’s threat to quit, but president Sergio Marchionne’s claim that Liberty Media knows nothing about F1 technology.

Horner told El Confidencial, “I think that’s disrespectful to Ross Brawn, one of the most successful engineers in F1 history,”

“I think Liberty has a good understanding of the business and it’s up to them to decide what’s best.”

Ferrerai and Merceds have reacted negatively to to Liberty’s post-2020 plans, which includes a new engine formula and a budget cap.

Horner said, “It might be bad for us or Ferrari or Mercedes, but it’s Liberty who must decide what they want formula one to be,”

“It’s inevitable that there are going to be two battlefields,” he continued. “FOM and the FIA are going to make the rules, and then it’s up to the teams to decide if they want to be part of it or not.”

‘Everyone wants Ferrari to continue’

From his perspective as Red Bull owner they will leave the regulation makers to it.

“We’re not going to have any influence,” he said. “This world championship is managed by the FIA and FOM and it’s their job to know what they want.

“Of course everyone wants Ferrari to continue, and it’s fantastic fighting against such an iconic team. But it’s wrong to hold F1 to ransom in that way.”

Photo Credit- The Sun

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