Ferry Disaster Families Are Still Fighting For Justice

Families who lost their loved ones 15 years ago are still looking for answers. On the 26th of September 2002 Senegal was hit by one of the worst ferry disaster in the marine history where 1 863 people lost their lives when a ship sank.

Yesterday the country has an official ceremony to remember all the people who lost their lives 15 years back. Families of the victims were hoping to get some answers but sadly even after 15 years their questions left unanswered. These people died when the Joola ferry sank off in Senegal’s Atlantic coast in 2002. The country’s justice systems has failed to give answers to families on how so many people lost their lives that day. But the families also believe that their loved ones sank because of the bad stormy weather and damaged engines and the fact that there was a massive overcrowding. The president of Joola’s victims association said the families are now calling the shipwreck to be hauled up so they will know what really happened that day.

It is said that the Joola ship was carrying 200 people when it sank soon after departing from one of their cities, Ziguinchor only 64 people survived on that day.

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