Fiasco over Gupta Passports

JOHANNESBURG- The Gupta brothers have each been provided with a load of South African passports that will ensure they can still get around for a long time.

Rapport newspaper is reporting that documents they have obtained of computer records from the home affairs department which confirm that Atul Gupta currently has three valid South African passports.

Rajesh his brother has six to choose from.

These passports do not include ones that have expired or lost.

The South African government has even made it easier for the family, after they sent another valid passport to Dubai three weeks ago where it was to be picked up by Ajay Gupta’s wife Chetali. It was her third valid passport.

NPA boss Shaun Abraham’s claimed in Parliament this week that prosecutors cannot begin with the process of  extradition in the Estina dairy farm case because that would mean the accused can be charged only in respect of that crime and no other charges can be brought.

Ulrich Roux an attorney who specialises in criminal law said Abraham’s is only somewhat correct, he said,

“The government has to specify what they will be prosecuted for when there is an extradition request.

“But nothing prevents the police or the Hawks from arresting them for other cases once they are back in South Africa.”

Atul and Rajesh now South Africans can only travel using South African passports but they can choose not to return to get new ones.

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