Florida senators pass gun restrictions; US House yet to act

TALLAHASSEE- The Florida Senate has passed a school safety bill that would place new restrictions on rifle sales, allow some teachers to carry guns in schools and create new school mental health programmes.

The senate vote was very close as they voted 20-18 on Monday.

The bill was in response of the Parkland High school massacre in Florida in February that killed 14 people and pressure groups in the country.

Many senators were happy with the decided legislation.

Republicans were not happy with the idea of increasing the age limit from 18 to 21 in purchasing a rifle or even creating a waiting period to purchase the weapons.

Democrats were not fully happy with the bill, that it did not go far enough because they did not add an assault style rifles or big capacity magazines.

The Florida house has yet to take up the version of the bill.

Photo Credit- Yahoo

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